Réseau Capital Brief – Consultations of the Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada on the Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative

July 2017

At the time of presenting its 2017 budget, the Canadian government announced an investment of $400 million for a new venture capital catalyst initiative. The venture capital industry plays a major role in our economy. A strong and mature industry has positive effects on innovation, employment and growth.

Réseau Capital is the only venture capital and private equity association that brings together all stakeholders in the investment chain in Quebec. Founded in 1989, it represents nearly 100 corporate members who are not only investment companies in private capital, tax-advantaged and public funds, but also banks, accounting firms, legal firms and the many professionals working in the industry. Its mission is to contribute to the development and dynamism of the venture capital and private equity industry, which plays a vital role in the development and financing of companies in Quebec.

Réseau Capital therefore welcomes the decision of the Canadian government to put innovation at the top of its list of priorities. We believe that a country that wants to be a world economic leader must ensure that innovation receives strong and continued support.


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