We encourage and promote the success of talented women in the VC/PE investment industry in Quebec.

We are committed to providing a Voice and an Ear to women in Quebec empowering them to achieve success in the VC/PE industry.

Through our Voice we will encourage aspiring business women with interests in VC/PE in Quebec.  Through our Ear we will listen to the issues and find solutions to challenges.   We strive to provide opportunities for like-minded individuals and/or organizations to connect with and support each other throughout our community.


Our Values:

  • – We acknowledge the importance of Diversity and Inclusion in everything we do
  • – We recognize and promote one another.
  • – We pursue growth and learning.
  • – We support women in the VC/PE Industry.
  • – We thrive on hard work, passion and commitment

Our Approach

Community and industry outreach
Promotion & awareness
Networking & collaboration
Community and industry outreach
Promotion & awareness
Networking & collaboration

Community of interest

We would like to create a community of interest that would unite the women of our industry and those that would eventually like to take part. This community of interest is made up of all women who share the values and vision of ELLE-Invest.

Be part of the community of interest

Members of the committee

  • Caroline Côté, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec
  • Marie-Claude Boisvert, Clearspring Capital Partners
  • Geneviève Bouthillier, Fondaction CSN
  • Magaly Charbonneau, iNovia
  • Chanel Damphousse, MacKinnon, Bennett & Co
  • Marie-Claude Drouin, Novacap
  • Senia Rapisarda, Harbourvest
  • Karl Reckziegel, BDC
  • Sarah Pisonero, Teralys Capital


Several events are planned in the coming months, including visits to Quebec universities.

To organize a roundtable at your university, contact us.

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