Advantages to being a member

Investment directory

Your company is listed in the Quebec Investment Directory and benefits from an additional promotional platform with your industry and entrepreneurs..


You are part of a group that assures increased representation of the industry with government agencies, and defends your interests. By rising up to the various challenges that the ecosystem is facing, your association sees to ensure its long-term durability. You can also influence the positioning of Réseau Capital regarding the different issues in our industry.

Business relationships

You will enhance your business relationships by networking with players from various sectors of the investment industry: information and telecommunications technologies, green technologies, aerospace, life sciences, manufacturing, etc. The diversity of roles, companies and sectors represented means that the membership of Réseau Capital speaks for all stakeholders in the investment chain.

Develop your knowledge

You wish to enhance your knowledge, and exchange and share ideas during activities like the “High Finance Friday: Discover the CFO’s Perspective” lunch meetings, especially designed for the chief financial officers, and the “Discoveries” series primarily aimed at the new generation, not to mention the annual conference, talks and cocktail parties.

Member rate

The member rate, which applies to all employees in your organisation, gives access to all Réseau Capital’s activities. 18 activities are planned this year, including networking events, training sessions, our annual conference, which will be organized jointly with the Canadian Venture Capital Association (CVCA), the cyclo/golf/jogging event, along with special activities destined for the next generation in our industry.

Info-réseau newsletter

In addition to automatically being registered on the Réseau Capital distribution list and receiving all the industry news, statistical reports and study results, you will gain visibility in our newsletter, whether by publishing available jobs in the Careers section or by broadcasting important news from your organization.

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Join the Investment Directory

New for this year and included in your membership

Réseau Capital developed an electronic investment directory, unique to Quebec. This directory spotlights a dedicated page for each member. In addition, the directory supports a search engine that allows entrepreneurs seeking funding to find the investment funds that are in their field of activities. The directory also allows our service provider partners the opportunity to put forth information about their organization.

By becoming a member, you are contributing to the dynamic private equity industry, which plays a key role in developing and financing Quebec companies.

Réseau Capital has modified its membership structure. Membership is no longer individual, but corporate. Thus, in becoming a member, all employees in your organization can take advantage of the member rate for all Réseau Capital’s activities.

The new membership structure is as follows (before taxes):

  • Venture Capital Fund (VC) $750.00
  • Capital Investment Funds (PE) $1,000.00
  • Fund of funds $1,000.00
  • Service Provider Partners $2,000.00
  • Pension Funds $1,000.00
  • Institutional Fund $3,500.00
  • Family Office $1,000.00
  • Ministries and educational institutions $500.00
  • OBNL/Association $500.00
  • Individual Member $500.00