Finalta Capital lends to innovative Canadian companies that claim refundable investment tax credits for Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED), eBusiness (CDAE and OIDMTC) and the production of multimedia titles, as well as large government grants.

Over $70 million in tax credit financing is concluded by Finalta each year.

There are 3 advantages over loan programs from other financial institutions for the funding of past and accrued (instalments throughout a year not yet completed) tax credits:

• Pre-Funding of Expenditures, disbursements on the first day of each quarter before expenditures are even made.

• Increased Liquidity by 50%, on the basis of the same tax credits.

• Alleviated Loan Administration Burden, no need for government guarantees, financial close in some 15 business days.

• Institutional rates, size- and risk-adjusted, between the overall cost of capital of a line of credit and subordinated debt.

The impact: Pre-funding eligible expenditures for R&D and multimedia tax credit as they accrue, alleviates the cash flow pressure of an intensive R&D program, accelerates time to market, increases competitiveness, revenue from innovation and firm value.


Maxime-Jean Gérin

Phone 514-928-6728


1002, rue Sherbrooke ouest
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