Stephan Morency

Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer, Fondaction

Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer of Fondaction, Stephan has nearly 25 years of experience as a private equity fund manager and corporate strategy advisor to medium and large companies. He founded and managed two companies, one in the field of organizational development and human capital enhancement, the other in the field of corporate social responsibility.

After working at Deloitte and Desjardins Capital, Stephan joined Fondaction as a portfolio manager before being appointed deputy chief investment officer and then in charge of major holdings. He has been an innovator in the development of specialized funds under management and is credited with the creation of Inlandsis, one of the largest North American GHG reduction project finance funds operating in the regulated carbon markets. He was also responsible for the creation of the Climate Change Portfolio.

Stephan Morency holds a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) from Concordia University. He is a board member of several organizations including Réseau Capital, TEQ, Inlandsis Fund and Coop Carbon.