Patrick Perus

President, Polycor

Patrick PERUS, 50 years old, is the President of POLYCOR Inc, the largest Natural Stone Company in the world, operating 50 quarries, 17 plants and employing 1100 employees in North America mainly. The stones quarried in POLYCOR quarries are the stones used through the years on the most iconic buildings in America and beyond. Patrick PERUS who graduated as an engineer and in Finance and management from the University of Chicago worked in Asia, Europe and the US for various International Industrial companies, before becoming in 2009 the President of POLYCOR. He managed a successful MBO of the company in 2013, and has grown the business since by increasing revenue by 400% , and its EBITDA by more than 500% through strategic acquisitions and organic growth. POLYCOR is owned by North American Private equity firms led by Torquest in Toronto, and its management team.