Jean-Michel Texier

Partner, Framework Ventures

Jim is a Partner at Framework Venture Partners. Based in Montreal, QC, Jim is a seasoned Product and Technology Executive with more than 25 years of experience in digital businesses and e-commerce spanning both mature and emerging markets. Prior to Framework, Jim held several positions as Chief Technology and Product Officer in several startups around the World.

Before becoming a seasoned CTO, Jim acted as entrepreneur and founder of two startups specialized in natural language processing and digital transformation of press & media content.

Passionate about fintech and digital products that matter, Jim is also acting as Advisor and Angel Investor to provide seed capital to selected ventures and entrepreneurs as an active member of Anges-Quebec and French Founders Investor Groups.

Jim holds an MsC in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from ENSEEIHT, part of the Polytechnic National Institute in Toulouse, France.