Frank K. Klemens

DuPont Ventures

Frank is the Managing Director of DuPont Ventures (Concurrent with Director of Licensing) in the areas of Nutrition & Health, Industrial Bio Sciences, Electronics & Imaging, Safety & Construction, and Transportation & Advanced Polymers. He works closely with the DuPont businesses to capture new and strategic opportunities primarily in the Specialty Chemical areas
(IoT, machine learning, biotech, food, beverage and supplements that address digestive, metabolic and cardiovascular health, as well as specialty food protection, electronics and imaging, and construction and transportation solutions). Prior to this role he was a Director of Licensing (in-licensing and out-licensing) of technology in the Ag and Nutrition technology
space. Also at DuPont, he was a budget and project manager as well as a regulatory analytical scientist in Crop Protection. He has been with DuPont 27 years. Frank is on the Board of Directors for Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce (PICC). Frank received his PhD and Master’s degree from Purdue University in the area of Bioinorganic Chemistry. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from John Carroll University in Cleveland OH.