Talent Placement Program

March 2022

Réseau Capital and Front Row Ventures are proud to partner to offer a talent placement program to their members.

Given the current shortage of qualified personnel and the difficulties in recruiting them, and given that Front Row Ventures provides quality training and real-life experience to students and young graduates interested in a career in investment, this program will certainly meet a growing need.

This program, reserved for Réseau Capital members, is intended to provide them with a selective list of applications to fill an internship or entry-level position. They will have access to a directory of candidates who have completed Front Row Ventures’ training and whose profile matches the criteria previously selected by them.

Once the list has been transmitted, the organization is responsible for inviting the applicants to a meeting, without any obligation to conduct a formal interview or to hire them.

By subscribing to the platform, Réseau Capital members agree to pay a fee of $500, which guarantees them a list of a minimum of five (5) candidates valid for three months. When recruiting one of the proposed candidates, the organization agrees to pay an additional $1,500 (or $1,000 in the case of less than 6 months contracts).

This program also aims to increase the number of diverse candidates in the recruitment process of the Quebec private equity industry.