Diagram is a venture builder that conceives and launches technology companies in the Fintech, Web3, and ClimateTech industries.

We’ve designed a unique platform for entrepreneurs who have a proven track record or domain expertise to start their next business by combining access to venture capital investment, hands-on support, and a deep ecosystem of partners.

Since 2016, Diagram has raised over $200M across 3 funds and launched 18 new companies across North America that have created over $1B in shareholder value and have employed more than 1,000+ full-time employees. Our ecosystem is home to 90+ angel investors, including 45+ entrepreneurs with >$15B in exits, Sagard,  and an extended global network of corporate partners, investors, and builders.

Address 1

2200 Stanley
Maison Atholstan, Montréal, Qc, Canada

H3A 1R6

In business since


Business places

  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • American East Coast
  • American West Coast

Investment places

  • Quebec
  • Canada
  • United States

General information

Closed-end Funds


Francois Lafortune
Co-Founder & CEO

Paul Desmarais III
Co-Founder & Chairman

Guillaume Marion
Partner & COO

Amélie Foz-Couture
Partner, Venture Creation

Ken Nguyen
Partner, Head of Crypto

Contact person

Guillaume Marion
Partner & COO

Investments types

  • Fund of funds
  • Private investment fund

Preferred investment vehicles(s)

  • Equity & Quasi-Equity

Amount of investment

  • Between 250 000$ and 1 000 000$
  • Between 1 000 001$ and 5 000 000$
  • Between 5 000 001$ and 10 000 000$

Nature of the financing / Investment activity

  • Seed
  • Start-up