Claude Miron

President 2001-2003

Claude has been active in the industry for over 30 years now, providing SMEs with senior term financing, subordinated debt/mezzanine as well as investing in SMEs with venture capital, control/buyout and minority private equity transactions. Throughout his career with various institutions like Caisse de dépôt (Sofinov), BDC Venture Capital, BMO Capital Corporation and Desjardins Capital, he has been active in early stage technology venture capital as well as mezzanine and private equity for manufacturing, distribution and services based industries. Claude has also executed transactions as a Fund of Fund investor for pension funds and Banking organizations, co-invested alongside Fund GPs and contributed on the Advisory/Investment committees of VC and PE Limited Partnerships in Canada and the US as well as Director on boards of diverse companies. As Managing Partner – BDC Growth Equity, Claude leads BDC Capital’s pan-Canadian Growth Equity initiative to support the emergence of Canadian SME champions across Canada. A longtime member of Réseau Capital (Québec’s venture capital and private equity association), he was elected President for 2002 and 2003.