Network Cafe Pairing

Network Cafe Pairing

calendar July 5 - 16

Network Cafe Pairing

The New Generation Committee invites you to create links with your colleagues in the industry by proposing the first edition of the Network Cafe Pairing

The formula is simple: register by filling out this form to guide us in your preferences and we will then send you an introductory email to you and the person you will be matched with.

You will be able to decide on the format of your coffee (in person or virtual) and the time that suits you best!

It’s an opportunity to network while discussing the challenges you face in your work environment or simply to make connections in a more informal setting by talking about the latest Montreal Canadiens’ achievements.

This event is open to anyone working in the investment industry or any other related sector.

You have until June 28 to register.
The cafés will take place between July 5 and 16.