LP/GP Speed-dating, co-hosted by ELLE-Invest and With Intelligence

calendar October 5th

LP/GP Speed-dating, co-hosted by ELLE-Invest and With Intelligence


October 5th2023

If you’re looking to build your professional network nothing beats meeting new contacts in-person.

Join us for speed-dating during the networking break from 11 to 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, October 5, at the Women’s Private Capital Summit Canada (WPCS Canada) in Toronto.

With Intelligence, in collaboration with ELLE-Invest, is organising a new structured speed-dating event to allow our audience of LPs and GPs a chance to meet and form organic connections with each other in a relaxed, informal and fun environment.

In 5-minute bursts GPs will go around the room to meet LPs that are seated in place. Bypass those often awkward introductions and get straight to making meaningful connections with like-minded women who can help support you, your career and potentially your business. Introduce yourself, share stories, and swap information.

Whether they’re the right partner now or in the future, it’s all about starting that initial conversation. And this is your opportunity to do it.


LPs are can register for a complimentary ticket using this link: https://sprw.io/stt-sMcWkuL4fuZHtFCYA3s7mK

GPs can register with a 15% using your Reseau Capital discount code – WPCSRC23 – at this link: https://events.withintelligence.com/womensprivatecapitalsummitcanada/page/2705444/buy-your-ticket