We often mistakenly believe that the most powerful and meaningful words in finance-related vocabulary are masculine, or that they have masculine connotations (Ambition, Success, Growth). But that isn’t the case; they’re actually feminine.. Our idea was simple and efficient: we relied on the strength of these feminine words to emphasize the value and importance of women within the financial world. This offensive has a double objective: On the one hand, it aims to position the AFFQ as an essential and dynamic leader as regards the professional success of women in finance, from the beginning to the end of their careers. And on the other hand, addressing the financial milieu specifically, it aims to highlight the fact that women are a factor in the success of the world of finance as a whole.

For its members, the AFFQ is an established, dynamic network offering tools and development opportunities to further their careers and success both at home and abroad. We act as a catalyst for talent, bringing together and encouraging highly skilled women. We do this by supporting the appointment of qualified women to boards of directors of large public and private organizations, developing services such as our mentoring program, and strongly promoting networking among our members by offering activities tailored to their interests and encouraging women to actively contribute to the economic growth of Québec.

For the business community, the AFFQ offers a pool of talent and specialized expertise to organizations seeking to hire women who are financial administrators and experienced professionals.

For governments and the media, the AFFQ is an invaluable reference tool providing access to the views of high-level women in finance on issues surrounding the economy and finance in Québec.

Our members
AFFQ members are professional women who work in financial institutions, accounting or legal firms, large corporations or consulting firms. With a focus on promoting the next generation, the Association also welcomes young, ambitious professional women enthusiastic about furthering their careers. All of our members are leaders in their own right, sharing a high level of financial expertise and a desire to get involved.