Investment Director – Quantacet Fund

Quantacet Fund

Job description

Quantacet is a new venture capital fund based in Quebec investing in startups developing quantum technologies at the pre-seed and seed stage. The fund will invest in ambitious quantum startups that will tackle some of humanity's greatest challenges, from personalized medicine to the energy crisis, cybersecurity and more. The fund's thesis is to invest early on and actively engage with portfolio companies to support them in their development and accelerate their growth. Target fund size is $24 million.

Main responsibilities
In collaboration with the team, made up of three other people, the selected candidate will be responsible for screening and analyzing various investment opportunities to select the most promising, for preparing
transactions and for supporting the portfolio companies, on top of participating in the management of the fund. This person needs to possess skills complementary to the rest of the team, particularly in managing
and growing technology startups, finance and/or investment.
Depending on the level of experience and commitment of the selected candidate, he or she could become a partner in the fund and earn a portion of the carried interest.

Detailed responsibilities
In collaboration with the other team members:
• Scout for investment opportunities and develop active relationships with companies/people likely to become attractive investment targets;
• Analyze various investment opportunities and bring the best ones to the investment committee;
• Negotiate the terms and conditions of investment deals according to the fund's investment policy;
• Perform due diligence before an investment and coordinate closing rounds with co-investors;
• Sit on the advisory committee or the board of directors of the portfolio companies and provide them with advice and assistance to support them;
• Build relationships with local, national and international investors in order to prepare subsequent rounds for portfolio companies;
• Participate in the development of entrepreneurial efforts in Quebec and Canadian quantum ecosystems;
• Monitor the evolution of the portfolio and report to the limited partners;
• Manage day-to-day fund operations and budget;
• Prepare fundraising for the subsequent fund;
• Represent the fund on various forums;
• Other related tasks.


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Job requirements

Required qualifications
• Hold a bachelor's degree in finance, business administration, accounting, law, engineering or any other
relevant field;
• Have a minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience in investment and/or technology
• Have a deep understanding the different techniques used for financial analysis and different
investment vehicles available on the market;
• Have a good understanding of the legal and regulatory framework in which companies operate;
• Have an extended network in the entrepreneurship, technology and investment communities;
• Have experience in supporting young startups;
• Be fluent in French and English.

• Be passionate about entrepreneurship, disruptive technologies and startups;
• Demonstrate business acumen and analytical thinking;
• Show good interpersonal and communications skills;
• Be capable of simplifying and synthesizing information for presentation purposes;
• Demonstrate negotiation and persuasion skills;
• Be comfortable multitasking in a fluid and dynamic environment;
• Demonstrate great professionalism, diligence and attention to detail.

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