Hélène Bernatchez

Vice President of Investments, Fonds Innovexport s.e.c

Since September 2016, Hélène Bernatchez has been Vice President of Investments at Fonds Innovexport S.E.C., a Quebec investment fund dedicated to financing innovative businesses at the seed and start-up stages. She has also held the title of manager and portfolio director for various investment funds, assisting businesses as an administrator and executive committee member.

Hélène’s passion for investment has led to an accumulation of more than 20 years of experience in private and public financing at all stages of business development. She has had opportunities to work on stimulating transactions with entrepreneurs in the seed, start-up and growth stages and even in business mergers and acquisitions.

Hélène holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting, a postgraduate degree in business financing and an undergraduate certificate in human resources management.